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  Good morning,ladies and gentleman。 Please allow me on behalf of xx Travel Service to extend our sincere wele to you 。 My name is Linxi, and I will be your guide during your stay in xiamen。 This is our drive, Mr chen, and his bus number is D-12345。If you have any questions or special requets,please don’t hesitate to let us know。 We’ll try our best to make your stay of xiamen pleasant and enjoyable。 We really ask for your understanging and cooperation, and we hope your visit to our city will be a happy experience。

  Today we will visit GULANGYU Islet after breakfast,our tour bus awaits outside,so please take your personal belongings and follow my instructions to board the bus。It will take us 5 minute to get to the ferry。

  Now,please pay attention to the islet on your left。 This’s Gulangyu Islet, our destination for today。 Gulangyu Islet, is 600 meters off the southwest shore of xiamen across the xiamen Strait。 This tiny,1。91 square kilometers islet has a population of less than 20,000。 In April 1995, Gulangyu bee a national key scenic spot and No。1 of Fujian Province’s Top ten Sites。


  A popular xiamen saying goes that you cannot say you've visited xiamen unless you've visited gulangyu。 Or more exactly,unless you've visited sunlight rock and set foot on the sky wind stand,file peak of sunlight rock。 OK,My dear ,now we will enter sunlight rock scenic area from the front gate。 We are now at Dragon Head Hill。 Just inside the gate we e to one of xiamen’s most famous temples, the Sunlight Temple。 Its former name was Lotus temple 。 It was founded during the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt over 400 years ago,in 1956。 It bathes daily in the first rays of the morning sunshinehence ,so its name Sunlight Tenple。


  Turing right we will go to the memory hall of Zheng chenggong, Inside the

  memory hall we will see a bronze statue of him 。Words describing his entire life are cared at the bottom of it 。The form on its right has shown all of the great events in his life。 He was born in Japan in 1624 and returned to China at the age of 7。 On April 21st ,1661,he led his troops to Taiwan and retake it from the Dutch after they had colonized it for over 38 years。He died in taiwan the follow year,1662,at

  the tender age of 39。 In memory of him,we have displayed some photos and modles to show the places he visited and the battle ship he used。

  After visiting the Zheng chenggong Memorial Hall, now we are going through the old summer cave。Its name suggests that people liked to escape to its cool interior during sweltering summers,Go upstairs and we can see a gate in front of us。This is the entrance to the Dragon Head Hill Fortress。The gate was 157cm。the same height as Zheng chenggong。So if you are taller than that you need to bow,just as if you were showing respect this great person。


  OK,Let’s go out the memory hall now。 Though the peak of sunlight rock is not very high,only 92。7 meters above sea level,but it will give you a fine view below and

  beyond ,a scenic that generously and candidly unwinds before you 。Now I can't wait to take you to the top and show you the beautiful panoramic view of xiamen。Please watch your step while you are climbing the stairs。




  Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to visit a famous Buddhist temple---the Jade Buddha Temple。

  Before visiting the temple, I’d like to say a few words about the religious situation in Shanghai。 Our constitution stipulates that every Chinese citizen is ensured the freedom of religious belief。 There are four major religions in practice in Shanghai, namely, Buddhism,  Taoism,  Islam,  and Christianity, which  is sub-divided into the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church。 When it es to Buddhist temples in China,  they  are usually  classified  into  three  sects,  i。e。  temples for  meditation,  for  preaching  and  for practicing Buddhist disciplines。 The Jade Buddha Temple is a temple for meditation, and is well-known both at home and abroad。

  The temple was first built during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty, when a monk named Hui Gen went on a pilgrimage to Burma and brought back five jade statues of Sakyamuni。 On his way back to Mount Putuo via Shanghai, he left two jade statues here, one in sitting posture and the other, reclining。 He had a temple specially built as a shrine for these two statues in 1882。 later the temple was

  partly destroyed by fire and in 1928 a new temple was pleted on the present site。

  Just opposite the temple gate, there stands a giant screen wall。 Various designs, such as dragon, phoenix, elephant, crane and peony are carved on it。 In Chinese legend, all these things are considered the symbols of fortune, wealth, longevity and auspiciousness。 Chinese people used to set up a wall in front of the house so as to keep the evils away。

  Now ladies and gentlemen, please turn around。 Here we can see the temple gate。 It is also called the Sanmen Gate, or say, the Gate of Three Extrications。 The door in the middle is called the Door of Emptiness, to its right is the Door of Non-phenomenon, and to its left, the Door of Non-Action。 Sanmen Gate is also called the Mountain Gate because most famous temples in China are found deep in mountains。 But the Sanmen gate does not open except on the first and the fifteenth of every lunar month。 Now this way to the entrance。

  Ladies and gentlemen, the first hall is the Heavenly King Hall。 We will use the rear door, please follow me。

  (in the Heavenly King Hall next to the southern entrance)

  Here we can find the statue of a fat and smiling monk with bared belly。 He is Bodhisattva Maitreya。 His smile is so contagious that you will smile with him and forget all your worries。 So he is also called the Laughing Buddha。 According to Buddhist scripture, he is now practicing Buddhism in the Tusita Heaven。 After 4000 years, which is equal to 5。67 billion years on the earth, he will bee successor to Sakyamuni under a Long Hua Tree in Hualin Garden。 Hence another name the Future Buddha。

  But this statue we see here is not the real image of Bodhisattva Maitreya, it is just his incarnation。。 it is said that During the Five Dynasties Period, 1000 years ago, there lived in Fenhua in Zhejiang Province a monk named Qi Ci, who always carried a wooden staff with a cloth sack on his shoulder。 He often went around towns and in streets to beg alms。 Therefore he became known as “the Cloth Sack Monk”。 He always smiled and laughed, looking as happy as ever。

  When he was dying, he left the message saying that he was the incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya。 So his image is enshrined in the Buddhist Temple as the incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya。[由Www.ZwSc.Net整理]

  (on the eastern side of the Heavenly King Hall)

  On the two sides of the hall are enshrined four statues。 They are so-called Four Heavenly Kings。 In the Buddhist legend, there is in the center of the world a highest mountain called Mount Sumeru。 Halfway on it is a mountain called Mount Ghandara with four peaks。 On each peak lives a Heavenly King protecting the Buddhist heaven。 The first one is the Southern King---King of Developing Merits。 His duty is to educate all living creatures and develop king-heartedness。

  He is holding a sword in his hand which can emit a ray to chop off the enemies’ heads。 The one next to him is the Eastern King---King of Protection for Buddhism。 He is holding in his hand a pipa, which is somewhat like a guitar。 With this pipa, he offers music to the Buddha。 Meanwhile this pipa is a magic weapon。 It can send out a musical rhythm to defeat the enemy by tormenting brain and causing him to lose batability。 Now ladies and gentlemen, please e over to this side。(on the western side of the Heavenly King Hall)

  The first one on this side is the Northern King---King of Virtue。 He is so called because of his virtue。 He is holding a parasol-shaped stela in his hand。 The parasol can be opened into a canopy in Buddhist processions。 It is at the same time a magic umbrella。 Once it is opened in the battle field, the sky turns dark and a wind-storm rises, defeating the enemy with a dizzy spell and then it closes up capturing all the enemies。 Next to him is the Western King---King of Far Sight。

  He observes the world with his penetrating eyes。 He is holding a dragon-shaped silk rope。 The rope is actually a net, with which he converts people to Buddhism just like catching fish with a net。 This dragon also has a magic power。 It can spurt water from its mouth and drown the enemy in floods。

  (in the Heavenly King Hall next to the rear door)

  The Statue facing the rear door is Bodhisattva Skanda。 He is always dressed in armour with a worrior’s club in his hand。 Originally he was one of the eight heavenly generals under the Southern King of Developing Merits。 Later he has been enshrined here because of his bravery。 He is also a god of message, a fleet-foot runner, so when visitors e to the temple, he will immediately report to the Buddha in the Grand Hall。

  Now ladies and gentlemen, that’s all for the Heavenly King Hall。 Please follow me and look out the threshold and the steps。

  Now we can see a giant tripod in the courtyard。 It is actually a giant incense burner。 It was donated by some Buddhist laymen who believed that by donating something the Buddha they can help purify the souls of their dead relatives from sins and relieve them from purgatory。

  Now this is the main hall, known as the Grand Hall or Grand Hall of the Great Sage。 It is the main structure in every Buddhist temple, where the statue of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism is enshrined。



  [The Entrance to the Mountain]

  [The Elephants Crossing the River and the Beautiful Girl Block]

  [The Yangyuan Column]

  [The Yinyuan Cliff]

  [The Jinshi Cave]

  [The BiechuanTemple]


  The Danxia Mountain is situated 45 kilometers far away from Shaoguan City。 Geological studies show that, 25,000,000 years ago, this place was a vast expand of a low-lying lake。Later, movements of the earth’s crust made it rise above the ground and the water receded away, thus turning it into a mountain and the former sediment at the bottom of the lake gradually oxidized to be red rocks。 These red rocks and red cliffs, being relieved against the green woods and the blue sky, look like rosy clouds。 Hence , the name “Danxia” means“red clouds” 。


  In the 1930s,professor Chen Guoda of the Sun Yat-sun University made an intensive investigation to study the geomorphic features of the Danxia Mountain and otherred-rock mountains in South China。 He denominated this kind of red-rock land shape the “Danxia Landform”, which was soon adopted by the academic circles, thus making the mountain’s name Danxia a term of geology。 Places featuring Danxia Landform can be found in all continents of the world except Antarctica(南极洲), such as the Great Canyon of the United States and some areas in Saxony of Germany。 But,the Danxia Mountain is the largest and the most typical one。

  The Danxia Mountain covers an area of 300 square kilometers, in which over 600 red-rockpeaks stand out against the woods of green, a sight that reminds a large garden with many ruby sculptures; therefore it is also named China Ruby Park or literally China Red Stone Park。 In 1995, the Chinese State Council approved of its being a geological nature reserve and, in 2000, it was listed by the UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as the world’s geological park。


  [The Entranceto the Mountain] 山门

  Now we have arrived at the entrance to the Danxia Mountain。 The gate structure is constructed of red sand rocks。 These Chinese characters are the name of the park, meaning ”China Rudy Park”。 The three big Chinese characters up on the horizontal beam, “Dan Xia Shan”, meaning Danxia Mountain, were written by GuanShanyue, who was a famous painter in China。 We’ll go through the mountain road to the Zhanglao Peak, which is the main peak of the Danxia Mountain, 408 metersabove sea level。


  [The Elephants Crossing the River and the Beautiful Girl Blocking the River]群象过江

  Now we have e to the central area of the Danxia Mountain。 The Danxia Mountain is rated first among the four famous mountains in Guangdong Province and its unique natural scenery gives free play to one’s fancy。 Please look at the hill in the distance beyond the Jinjiang River: Those rocks appear to be a herd of elephants wading across the river and ing up to us。 Their trunks , tusks, ears and eyes areall lifelike。 So, this sight is named “The Elephants Crossing the River”。


  (On the Yangyuan Bridge) Please look to your right at the hill in the distance。 It looks as if a young girl is lying down to sleep: From right to left, the outlines of her head, her neck, her chest and her belly are all clearly discernible。 So, this sight is called “The Sleeping Belle” or “The Beautiful Girl Blocking the River”。


  [The Yangyuan Column]阳元石

  This hill is called Yangyuan Hill, meaning “The Hill of Male Sex”。 It is so named because the stone column here, 28 meters tall and 7 meters in diameters, is the imageif man’s external genitals。 According to geological studies, this stone column has been a part of the cliff and it is for more than three hundred thousand years。 In the old days, men were regarded as superior to women and people often prayed for having more sons to carry on their family name; therefore this stone column was highly worshiped by the pilgrims。


  [The Yinyuan Cliff] 阴元石

  This steep face of rock is called Yinyuan Cliff, meaning Stone Cliff of Female Sex, because it is a strong resemblance of woman’s external genitals。 It was formed some one hundred thousand years ago。 Just as God sculptured the first man and his wife,Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, so had Nature carved a carved a couple of stone husband and wife in the Danxia Mountain。 What a wonderful world this is!


  [The Jinshi Cave]

  This cave is called Jinshi Cave, meaning Colorful Rock Cave in English。 The inside of this cave is a Buddhist monastery consisting of the Thousand Buddha Hall, the Guanyin Hall for the Goddess of Mercy is the largest, 30 meters deep and 4meters high with adequate space to acmodate a hundred pilgrims at the sametime。 In this hall there are many images of the Goddess of Mercy in her different facial expressions。 In the Sakyamuni Hall there is a piece of rockthat shapes like a dragon。 It is called ”Bian Se Long”, meaning “color-changingdragon” or chameleon, because its color changes with the season like achameleon whose color changes according to its background。 It is light green insummer, yellowish green in autumn and brownish yellow in winter。 Why is that?It is because on the surface of the rock is growing a kind of alga that is highly water-absorbing。 The alga is lush and green when water is adequate inrainy seasons。 When water is insufficient in dry seasons, it turns yellow or brown

  。 Outside the cave, there are two big Chinese characters “jin yan” on the cliff , meaning “colorful rock cave”。 They were written by Zhao Rulai, a man of letters of the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279AD), and are the earliest engravings on cliffs in the Danxia Mountain。

  这个岩洞叫锦石岩。岩洞里面是一座佛教寺庙,有千佛殿观音殿大雄宝殿等庙堂;其中观音殿堂最大,深30多米,高4米,可容纳上百善信同时参拜;洞内塑有 观音32相,个个表情栩栩如生,神态各异。在大雄宝殿内有一石壁,状似龙,其颜色会因春夏秋冬四季不一样而变化;春而嫩绿,夏则深绿,秋为黄绿,冬变褐黄;故被称作变色龙。这种神奇的现象是怎样出现的呢?原先是因为岩石上生长着一种低等的藻类植物;这种藻类吸水性很强,天气潮湿时吸水时生长茂盛颜色就很深;天气干燥时吸水少,颜色就变成褐黄。洞外的崖刻上刻有“锦岩”二字,是南宋赵汝来所题。这是丹霞山最早的摩崖石刻。

  [The Biechuan Temple]

  This is a Buddhist monastery called Biechuan temple。 It was built in 1662,during the Kangxi reign of Qing Dynasty, frequented by a large number of pilgrims。 It is one of the three largest Buddhist monasteries in Northern Guangdong。 Up on the main gate of temple, there are four Chinese characters: Bie Chuan Chan Si, meaning Biehuan Chan Buddhist Monastery。 They were written by Li Hanhun, who was the former chairman of the Guangdong Province。 Going through the gate, we can see many engravings on the red cliff。 Among them the two big Chinese characters Danxia, 5-6 square feet each, are the most beautiful。 They were written by an official of Qing Dynasty。


  The Biechuan Temple is constructed in more or less the same layout as other Buddhist monasteries。 It consists of the Hall of the Heavenly Kings, the bell and drumtowers, the Sakyamuni Hall and the Hall of the Goddess of Mercy and so on。 Now you can look around on your own for a while。 We’ll meet half an hour later at the entrance and will go down-hill, by the same way as where we came up, to the pier to take a boat-ride in the Jinjiang River so that you may feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery along the river。


  Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen:

  Good morning!

  On behalf of our travel agency to you a warm wele! Wele to the beautiful city of The Mountain Tai, the State Tourism and Cultural City of the Tai’an!

  This is Mr。, our driver, who has many years of driving experience, so you may rest assured but sitting well in his car。 My Chinese name is #%¥, you can call me Miss *。 I e from The Unit Holiday Travel Agency。 Then the next time, I e to you on service, so my job is to smooth your way, care for your welfare, try my best to answer your question, and be your guide。

  My telephone number is ********, if you have any special interesting, please tell your tour leader or me, we will try our best to make your stay in Tai’an a pleasant one。 We highly appreciate your understanding and co-operation。

  Ok。 Next time I must tell you that: the Mountain Tai is tall and steep, very steep in some places。 So you must pay special attention to safety, to do “walk not viewing, viewing not walk”, especially advantageous location, but also to “simply walk down, not looking up view”。

  Ok! Now, I want to chat about the Mountain Tai with you。 The mountain Tai is located in the central of ShanDong Province, East of The Yellow Sea, West of The Yellow River。 The mountain Tai, ancient DongYue, also know as DaiZong、DaiShan。 Since ancient time, also know as“the Five Sacred Mountains Domination”。 It formed 27 to 28 billon years ago, the total area of 426 square kilometers, 1545 meters sea level Peak Yuhuang Ding。 With the surrounding low mountains and hills, its relative height over thirteen hundred meters, which is giving a pull to sky momentum。 Based on the large and concentrated, giving a “rock solid” “heavy as Mountain Tai” natural feeling, so people warm to praise her。

  For the climate, fertile land, they bee a thriving ancient human heart and the birthplace of ancient culture。 For thousands of years, they have been The East’s political, economic and cultural center。

  According to legend, in ancient times, 72 emperors had e here to worship Heaven and Earth。 Many writers also left inscriptions and steles here, and it gains the reputation as “a Natural Museum of a Art”

  In China, many emperors including the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang, the Emperor WuDi of Han Dynasty, Emperor XuanZong of Tang Dynasty, and Emperor KangXi、QianLong of Qing Dynasty and so on, held grand sacrificial ceremonies on its summit。 It’s so-called “fengshan”。 the “feng”, is built the round alter at the very top of the mountain to Heaven; the “shan”, is built the square alter under the mountains to Earth。 If generation Emperor can high offer sacrifices to heaven and earth on the Mountain Tai, they will be to the world as peace and harmony symbol of peace and prosperity, the emperor himself seems to have bee “the son of the Heaven”。

  Therefore, the image of emperors became the spokesman for TaiShan, and left a lot of cultural relics in the number of mountains of the Mountain Domination Position。

  Mt。Tai was also named the world cultural and heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization( UNESCO) in December 1987, with the ancient building plex prising its main contents。 In 2006, the ancient buildings on Mt。 Tai successfully entered the list of the Sixth Batch of National Key Protection Units of Historical Relics approved by the State Council, China’s cabinet。 The ancient buildings were constructed along a nine-kilometer winding path。 The important parts of the buildings are the Guandi Temple, Queen Mother’s Pool, Red Gate Palace, South Heaven Gate, Three Officers Temple, and Temple of Universal Illumination。

  Emperors over the course of two thousand years came to worship on Mountain Taishan。 The Temple to the God of Mt。 Taishan(daimiao), at the base of Mount Taishan and the Azure Cloud Temple(bixiaci) at its peak are the two best-known sites。 The Azure Cloud Temple is the best-preserved ancient structure on Mountain Tai。 The well-preserved state of the ancient building plex is attributed to the scientific and systematic protection and management by related authorities。


  永定土楼(YongDing Hakka Earth Building Complex) Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Please allow me on behalf of XIXI travel Service to extend our sincere wele to you! My name is LinXi,and I will be your guide during your stay in LongYan。This is the driver MR。Zhang,he is a veteran。His bus number is F-12345,If you have any question or special interests, please don’t hesitate to let us kown,We’ll try to do our very best to make your stay of LongYan pleasant and enjoyable 。I’m sure most of you will be imperssed by LongYan 。We really ask for your understanding and cooperation,and we hope your visit to our city will be a happy experience。


  Today we are going to visit YongDing Earth Buildings,which is called the World’s Unique Mountain Residence and the mysterious oriental ancient castels。Among all the residences in the world,Yongding Earth Buildings are famous for its long history, unique style, grand scale, ingenious structure,plete function,and rich culture。It is known as one of China’s five traditional folk residences,and deserves the fame of a fancy ancient architecture in China。

  There are over 23000 Earth Buildings of different styles in Yongding,the main styles of which are mansion-style, square and round。Among them , there are over 360 round Earth Buildings,which are most typical。


  Today the place we’ll visit is the Hakka Earth Building Folk and Culture Village at Hongkeng of Yongding。Because we have too many earth buildings here, so today we will visit the most famous Zhencheng Building,which is known as the prince of earth buildings。

  OK, Look, this is zhencheng building。 Now, please raise your eyes, and look at the 3 characters above the door。 Do you know why it was named Zhencheng Building? In fact,for this building,the name Zhencheng prises two Chinese chatacters Zhen and Cheng, which were taken from the owner’s forefathers Lin fucheng and Lin pizhen for memory。 In order to honor them, people selected one character from each of his two sons’ name, and “Zhen Cheng” means that no matter to the country or to the family, we should obey the rules as to be a moral person。


  Zhencheng building is made up of two circles: the outside one is earth structure and the inside one is brick structure。 The outside wall is 16 meters high, kitchens and dining rooms are on the first floor, warehouses are on the second floor, bedrooms are on the third and the forth floor。 There are 218 bedrooms here, now more than 40 families are living in the building。 Ok my dear guest, my first question for you! Why there isn’t any windows on the first and second floor? As a matter of fact, when Hakkas moved here, they was frequently invaded by other nations。 So once they close the main gate and the two doors beside, it was difficult for the enemies to break in。 And this is one of the 5 functions of the earth building------Defence。


  OK now let’s go into the building。 Do you feel warm? Yeah, since the wall is thick, it can prevent heat and keep warm。 So it’s warm in winter and cool in summer。


  You can see ,between each unit ,there is a fireproof wall。 Normally ,one unit acmodates one family。With the doors closed, you will have your own courtyard,while with all the doors opened,the whole building is a big family。And the third function is its fireproofing。As you have just seen, if there is fire in one unit,it will

  just not go to other units。what’s more, people have dug two wells in the building which will provide the water for the fire。


  The most conscious trait of the design of the earth building is quakeproof。 In the last two years, since Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake have happened in our country, the quakeproof function of the building was greatly concerned。 Fortunately, the ancestors here took consider of this function hundreds of years ago。 Look, the outside circle tilted inwards as it went up and became the wall which is 。 Besides, some bamboo and firs were put into the wall in order to strengthen the pull and prevent the quake。 土楼的设计最大的特色莫过于他的防震功能。近两年,我们国家经历了汶川大地震、玉树大地震等,房屋防震功能的研究越来越受到人们的重视。可是土楼的先民们在百年前就研究到了这个重要的功能。大家请看外环楼的墙体,他是随着高度的增加渐向内倾斜,构成下大上小、向心力强的墙体。并且在墙体中放入了竹片、杉木条,增加了墙体的拉力,大大提高了抗震本事,防震效果明显。

  There is another important function, that is environmental friendly。 The earth building is made of earth, when it is pulled down, it’s still earth。 This attracts the great attention of environmentalists。 土楼还有一个重要的功能,那就是环保功能了。土楼取之于泥土,拆毁后回归自然,异常适宜环保,这引起了环保界的极大兴趣。

  That’s all for the 5 functions。OK,My dear guides, How time flies! At the end of the tour, on behalf of Xixi Travel Servece again, I am glad to wele all of you here next time to enjoy the trip for earth building。 That’s all , Thank you!




  Good morning, boys and girls! Wele to Hebei University of Engineering。 I am your

  guide Joyce 。Today, we are going to visit the building of architecture department。 We hope that all of you will feel as good as today’s sunshine and enjoy yourselves here。 In the following time, we will have a visit on the building of architecture department。 During the tour if you have any questions or some good ideas please point them out, I’ll try my best to satisfy you。 Wish you a wonderful journey! So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

  Look! The grand building behind me is the most characteristic one in this school。 It belongs to the institute of urban construction。 On my left lies the building No。6 and the architecture school leans against the building No。7。 And now you see on my right is the south gate of this university。 It’s said that the design chart es from the students in this building。 Don’t you think they are so awesome? Do you want to go inside to see it? Let’s go!

  Look at the gate of the building, do you feel it’s solemn and grand? After entering the hall, the great ancient scholar Mozi’s famous speech was engraved on the marble wall。 It told the later generation that the principle of constructing the ancient palace。 It’s just for convenience and not for beauty and pleasure。 However, people in the following time violated the principle。 Now follow me let’s see some other things。 This is a construction building model and here is a something like pillar。 On the left of the pillar there is multimedia room, let’s e in and have a look。 So do you think it’s more spacious and brighter than our classroom? Walk out of the classroom, a corridor appears in front of us, on the wall paste some design charts, later you’ll see more design charts。 Besides the corridor lies a courtyard, the west and east walls were covered with lots of green Boston ivy。 So do you feel a little cool in the hot summer’s day? Actually, except for

  entertainment, there is another use of the courtyard。 Can you guess what the function is?Yes, this room is also used to be the job hunting site to offer a platform or opportunities for our students to show themselves。 Now let’s get back to the corridor。 At the end of the corridor there is a closed corridor, on both sides of the walls paste some landmark design charts of Handan City, like

  cultural art center and library。 Next, we’ll see a window filled with many constructive materials to let our students observe and learn。

  After visiting the first floor, let’s move on to the second floor and before we go upstairs, I’ll show you another thing。 What’s this? I believe you have guessed that it’s a corner of the pavilion。

  Now let’s go upstairs! Is it fabulous to see the first floor’ scenery on this point? On the

  second floor, there is a space for us to have a rest。 Let’s take some break! Ok, having taken some rest, let’s move on again。 The southern part of the building has some offices and reference rooms。 There are still rows of stones piled construction, as well as the introduction of the Architecture School。 The environment and equipment engineering department, water supply and some other departments were set up in this college。 Now let’s move to the northern part of this building, this part is the headquarter of models。 Do you know the graduate of the Architecture School Dong Shuen, the chief architect and engineer of the Bird's Nest? A very excellent senior, do you agree with me?

  Time flies, our visit is ing to an end and it’s very difficult for me to say goodbye to you。 I highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation。 I don’t expect that all of you will remember me, but I really hope that my service is of help to you。 Thank you very much and best wishes to you。



  (自我介绍)hello, Ladies and gentlemen, wele to Henan province。First, please let me introduce myself to you 。My name is Apple , I?llbe your local guide during your stay here ,This is Mr Zhang ,our driver ,He isconscientious and seasoned。(有职责心和经验)。So you are in good hands when riding in his coach, to avoid gettinga wrong bus 。we?d better remember the number and the features of our bus 。thenumber is 21806 and its color is red, if you have any special interests, pleaselet me know, my job is to smooth your way and try my best to answer yourquestions ,we highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation。 I hope thatduring your stay in Henan you can not 0nly satisfy your eyes and stomach butalso experience the real Chinese culture and have a better understanding of theChinese people , it will take us half anhour to our destination, Park with ?Up-theRiver-on-Chingming-Festival? views in Kaifeng。 During this time, I?d like to give you a brief introduction about Henan province。

  (介绍河南)Henan province ,also called ?yu? for short,meaning a man pulling an elephant ,is situated right in the heart of China ,soit is also named ?central Plain? or ?centralState?, covering an area of 167000 square kilometers, with a total populationof 100 million ,which is the largest of all provinces in China。

  As we all know, the Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization, is our mother river。 Andit runs through 8 cities of Henan province, as its name means ,the province islocated to the southern bank of the Yellow River,

  A great number of history books andexcavation have proved that 8000 years ago, Chinese ancestors started thecivilization here。 So every year, many Chinese descendants from home and abroadto worship the fathers。 The last few years has seen the development of Henan province。 Especially in the industry and agriculture。The GDP of Henan has been ranked top in the middle area。

  Henanprovince is famous not only for its long history and rich culture,but also forits beautiful natural scenery。 For the overseas tourists , Henanprovince is just like a natural history museum with splendid culture civilization。

  (介绍开封)While Kaifeng is located on the alluvial plainson the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, which is a key tourismcity along the banks of the river。 It is 70 kilometers from Zhengzhou, the provincial capital。 (地理位置)

  The city has a history of around 2700 years,serving as the capital for 7 dynasties, Kaifeng reached its peak when servingas the capital of the Song Dynasty, which is equal to the the Tang dynasty inChinese history ,they both scored great achievements in many fields 。Its magnificence,grandness and splendor made it the center of the politics, economy and culturein China ,as well as a flouring metropolis (大都市)of the world,papermaking, gunpowder, printing and pass ,Chinese four great inventions were all discovered here and been used widely。

  Kaifengis also famous for its flowers, the chrysanthemum。 Every autumn, aroundOctober, there will be many visitors e here to enjoy flowers。 And the wholecity will be decorated with flower here and there。

  The bustling sight of Kaifeng was vividly reflected in the famouspainting Up the River on Qingming Festival by Zhang Zeduan。the park we aregoing to visit is just named after the painting。 The painting described thespectacles on the flouring Bian River on Chingming Festival;all the constructions in the park were of typical Song Style with an adoptionof some modern technology。 So when you walking in to the park, you?ll find youthrough time and space to the Song Dynasty。

  Now ladies and gentlemen, our destination hasarrived, please carry your items with you, and get down the bus one by onecarefully。 Then let?s visit the dreaming park together and enjoy the classicalatmosphere。

  Park withUp the River on chingming Festival

  Wele to the Park with Up the River on ChingmingFestival, After seeing the grand Opening ceremony, please follow me 。Iwill take you to an ancient Kaifeng of a thousand years ago。

  Walking into the gate ,the first sight we see isthe three-by-sixteen-meter hug relief on a screen wall。 In front of which thereis a big statue of Zhang Zeduan, the well known Northern Song painter with hisfamous scroll painting in his hands, titled A Deep Love for Dongjing, as asymbol

  Of greetings and weles to visitors,

  Now let me give a brife introduction about thefamous painter and his great scroll painting, Zhang zeduan was called Zhengdao,was born in present Shandong Province in the Northern Song Dynasty and died inSouthern Song 。His was travelling to Kaifeng to study when he was young, andwas acplished in painting。 He had once served as a painter in the paintingstudio of the Imperial Academy。

  While the famous painting UP the River on QingmingFestival is really a mirror to the flourish and prosperity of the capital city Kaifeng in the NorthernSong Dynasty。 It describes all kinds of people and objects,they were reflectedvividly 。from which we can see the whole Northern Song ,So it is really animportant evidence for historicans and scholars in the study and research ofpolitics , economy , culture ,science, architecture, military defenses and thesociety in the Northern Song Dynasty。

  The park covers an area of about 33hectares。consisting of 8 functional parts including the areas of hotels ,folk custoe, food street, culture andentertainment , flowers and birds, bustling capital, shopping plots andprehensive service based on the scroll painting。there are so much interestingthings for you to see in the park。 You can go through the rainbow bridge, mountthe city gate。 have a visit to the Hongfu Monastery, go shoppong in the silkstore, have a stay in an ancient post house, have a taste of seasonable food inthe restaurant of ancient style, and so on。 you can also visit a traditionalweave room ,enjoy the popular acrobatics and other folk arts like the new yearpainting house, paper-cut 。local kite and puffed-sugar-figures,etc。

  Now, let?s first go to the Rainbow Bridgewhich was well-known in the northern song dynasty。 As one of the 10 famousancient bridges in China,it was a wooden-structured bridge built in 1050 AD, playing a very importantrole both land and waterborne transportation。 While it was destroyed inwarfare。 the present Rainbow Bridge was set up 1998pletely following the original pattern and style in painting。 It?s a singlearched bridge, 25 meters long and 5 meters wide, with 2 ornamental columns, and2 nine-meter high vertical shafts on both sides, on top of the shafts is a dogvaneformed by a plate with a white crane standing on。 The crane can be turned withwind and tells the direction of the wind when it points to a certain positionof the crossed wooden bar。 The river under the bridge was BianRiver, which was originated from theancient Luo Riverin Luoyang。 Theriver was a most important and bsiest water artery for transportation fromnorth to south in the North Song Dynasty, it linked the three big river ,t

  heyellow river ,the Yangse River, and the Huai River。it had brought so manyadvantages to the development of the North Song Dynasty, boats and vessels busyat carryong foods and grains sailed from south to north day and night ,so agreat number of hotels ,restaurants, shops were built densely along the banks,which brought more benefits to the capital city



  (自我介绍)hello, Ladies and gentlemen, wele to Henanprovince。First, please let me introduce myself to you。My name is apple , I?ll be your local guide during your stay here ,This is MrZhang ,our driver ,He is conscientious and seasoned。(有职责心和经验)。So you are in good hands when riding inhis coach, to avoid getting a wrong bus 。we?d better remember the number andthe features of our bus 。the number is 21806 and its color is red, if you haveany special interests, please let me know, my job is to smooth your way and trymy best to answer your questions ,we highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation。I hope that during your stay in Henan you can not 0nly satisfy your eyes andstomach but also experience the real Chinese culture and have a better understandingof the Chinese people , it will take ushalf an hour to our destination, ShaoLin Monastery。 During this time, I?dlike to give you a brief introduction about Henan province。

  (介绍河南)Henan province ,also called ?yu? for short,meaning a man pulling an elephant ,is situated right in the heart of China ,soit is also named ?central Plain? or ?centralState?, covering an area of 167000 square kilometers, with a total populationof 100 million ,which is the largest of all provinces in China。

  As we all know, the Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization, is our mother river。 Andit runs through 8 cities of Henan province, as its name means ,the province islocated to the southern bank of the Yellow River,

  A great number of history books andexcavation have proved that 8000 years ago, Chinese ancestors started thecivilization here。 So every year, many Chinese descendants from home and abroadto worship the fathers。 The last few years has seen the development of Henan province。 Especially in the industry and agriculture。The GDP of Henan has been ranked top in the middle area。

  Henanprovince is famous not only for its long history and rich culture,but also forits beautiful natural scenery。 For the overseas tourists , Henanprovince is just like a natural history museum with splendid culture civilization。

  Zhengzhou,which is the capital and largest city of Henanprovince in central China。A prefecture-level city, it also serves as the centre of political, economic,technological, and educational of the province, as well as a majortransportation hub for Central China。 Zhengzhou is also named mall city 。It wasonce the capital of Shang dynasty 3500 years ago

  and now is a modern mercialcity。 That makes it closely relate to shang, which means merce and trade inchina。 Because of that, Zhengzhouis one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China and holds important statusof modern mall center in connection with other places。

  Zhengzhou experiences amonsoon-influenced, four-season humid subtropical climate, with cool, drywinters and hot, humid summers。 Spring and autumn are dry and short。

  Well, our bus is ing tothe downtown area of Dengfeng city。 Dengfeng has a long history。 A number ofsites in and around the township are well worth visiting them。 Foremost on thelist is the Shaolin Temple the birth place ofboth Kungfu and Zen Buddhism。

  Nowladies and gentlemen, our destination has arrived, please carry your items withyou, and get down the bus one by one carefully。 Then let?s visit it together。


  Well, ladies and gentlemen:

  Here weare, Shaolin Temple, in the region of SongMountain, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, is reputedto be the Number One Templeunder Heaven。 Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei dynasty , had the templebuilt to acmodate the Indian master Batuo ,ShaolinTemple means “temple in the thickforests of Shaoshi Mountain”。 Shaolin Temple embraces many exciting attractions; the first sight we see is the Shanmen Hall。 Hung on its top is atablet reading 'Shaolin Temple'。 The tablet wasinscribed by the Emperor Kangxi during the Qing Dynasty。 Under the stairs ofthe hall stands two stone lions made in the Ming Dynasty 。 The hall enshrinesthe Maitreya Buddha。 Next we arrive at the Hall of Heavenly Kings。 The gate of the hallis guarded by two figures depicting Vajra 。Inside the hall are figures of theFour Heavenly Kings who are responsible for inspecting peoples' behavior,helping the troubled, and blessing the people。 Please follow me, this is the Mahavira Hall。The Mahavira Hall?s center is just before yo

  ur eyes。 Both importantcelebrations and regular prayers are held here。 18 Buddhist Arhats stand alongthe eastern and the southern walls of the hall。 Buddhas of the Middle, East andWest are enshrined in this hall, respectively Sakyamuni Buddha, PharmacistBuddha and Amitabha Buddha。 On both sides in front of the hall of Mahavira, standthe Bell tower and the Drum Tower symmetrically 。They were used to report hoursfor the temple 。Normally the bell is used in the morning while the drum, in theafternoon, hence the saying “morning bell and afternoon drum”。

  Having seen the highlights in the temple courtyards ,let?s visitanother leading section of the Shaolin Temple Sightseeing Zone , named the Pagoda Forest which stands at thefoot of Shaoshi Mountainabout half a kilometer

  west to Shaolin Temple。 It is aconcentration of tomb pagodas for eminent monks and abbots of the temple。 Arough count shows more than 240 tomb pagodas of various sizes from the Tang,Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties , making it the biggest pagoda forestin China。Most of the pagodas are stone and brick structures。Their shapes are varied,including polygonal, cylindrical, vase-like, conical and monolithic, making thepagoda forest an exhibition of ancient pagodas, carvings and calligraphy ofvarious dynasties。

  Besides, it isknown that martial arts have been practiced at the temple throughout itshistory。 A legend had it that Bodhidharma found monks weak and unhealthy afterlong time meditation practices, so he developed the martial arts to strengthenthem, which formed the basis of Shaolin Kungfu。 However the unique aspect ofShaolin culture is the bination of Shaolin Kungfu and Chan Buddhism。

  Ok ,ladies andgentlemen, the explanation of the Shaolin Temple has e to an end 。Now youcan have a free look and take some pictures as well 。See you on the bus an hourlater 。Wish you a pleasant tour 。Thank you!


  As is known to all, the silk road into xinjiang, south, north is divided into three sections, the word。 And of every faith scenery lets a person d thoughtful。 Therefore, it is the silk road trip to travel。

  Brief introduction of the first description: xinjiang is located in China's northwest border regions in China, also called, the second-largest pasture, ecological environment。 North of continental climate, the winters are long and hard, summer, autumn season and hot chirp is not obvious, relatively strong, solar radiation temperature changes。 So remind everybody must pay attention to prevent bask in the night and temperature is too big and prepare appropriate clothes。 Meanwhile, xinjiang has the advantageous sunshine, light, heat and planting trees and the crops of thermophilic melon, improve sugar accumulation。 So a luscious taste the melon and fruit in xinjiang。

  Our first stop was the urumqi。 It is the farthest from the oceans of the world cities, capital of xinjiang uygur autonomous region, meaning "beautiful", but also the ranch along。 We remend the attraction is the natural pasture, carefree nanshan pasture flocks, paolo maldini, pose in green grassland, spruce, bining the deep valley, and a 20 meters high, the waterf-all。 Here you can live on the shores of the ZhanFang, taste herdsmen Nang, dairy products, roast lamb kebabs, ZhuaFan hand, etc。 Bake plete sheep is a choice JieYang surrounding xinjiang, or under the age of two lambs as raw materials, to fat with flour and entrails, feet, salt water, eggs, pepper, alone powder evenly into paste, in the whole body, then add the sheep are soaking pit, Nang bake until cooked。 Baked sheep, golden oil, fragrance waft through the meat, delicious! You can rent a horse galloping on the kazakh nomads, acrothe vast grassland of the thick forest。 Also can realize kazak ethnic customs: racing

  nomads, thanks to the sheep, chasing girls。 Urumqi seasons all appropriate, each have different seasons。

  Our second station is well known in turpan: it's very hot and dry the lowest place。 Is extremely arid region unique ecological environment and the representatives of the oasis civilization。 Youmay have noticed that a foot on this land, and we are the only dry! The sun is so frankly, the baking temperature has reached 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, i。e。, steaming eggs。 You also don't too boring, let us imagine a pleasant trip to the sauna。 First, we went to the fire, the authors of shanxi, surrounded by the farmhouse here, secluded spot, vines with green, a very cool and refreshing and fortable e, here is the "HuoZhou" summer in heaven。 In these grape, as long as the timbrel rang, men and women will be averted dance。 Believe that everyone heard that song familiar "to", covering your journey has a small talk "uncle"? How does not show guide So now you for it。

  Small guide a bit embarrassed, here but dance, unexpectedly township in here, please everybody to me。 Now please follow me to visit the shadow of raisins for washing room。 Raised my hand against the grapes can be picked you can't decapitation, later will have to taste the free of grapes, let everybody fan。

  To see the city will be KanErJing, it is spots with wall, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal and called China's three projects, it is the source of life of the local people。 Because it is in the ground, also very cool and refreshing and fortable。

  Now we came to the tomb ASiDaNa - hara and is, there are many rooms vivid fresco, lifelike lifelike, still have the "turpan documents", it is the current international academic research foundation of words - turpan。 Because the climate is hot dry form natural germ-free environment, so

  the dead bodies and objects, although calendar millennium items without corruption, the body is due to rapid dehydrate and formed the pyramids in Egypt mummy "than" also mummified corpses of exotic, some even seems visible eyes eyelash。

  Now we reached the place, also is the hami melon is executed。 Two thousand years ago, here is the han dynasty ZhangQian first opened the silk road fortress, known as "the macroscopic throats, western"。 As the saying goes, (Motivational model yuedu。mipang。)"the east sea crab hami melons as shrimp," beauty of hami words can't express。 Silk road and the grassland culture were also it nurture。。。

  Millions of years ago CengFanHua noisy here, all the time, the flowers are circulation of vast desert mysterious buried。 Numerous archaeological explorers have again and again into a history to touch, the dust, touch the soul of hundreds of years ago。 Loulan ancient site actually is the capital of kingdom "。 Have LuoBuBo beside the river, clear。 After the han and the tarim river water diverted, though, because human resource and spent a cross-sectional note glacier diversion into loulan, but soon, the time of ancient lou-lan and waste water。 From ancient lou-lan died in history!




  Guangzhou Chime-long Tourist Resort(Chime-long Paradise)

  My dear friends, wele to chime-long tourist resort! You might ask what attractive scenes this place has。 To your

  excitement, there are breathtaking chime-long paradise, colorful Xiangjiang safari park, wonderful chime-long international circus, together with the long lung water park, which is the best place to go in summer。 Besides, the chime-long hotel, chime-long golf training center and other places are also worth visiting。


  欢乐世界,顾名思义,也就是给我们带来欢乐的地方,在长隆,欢乐就是尖叫、欢乐就是呐喊、欢乐就是震撼, 下头就给大家推荐几个足够让大家连吃奶的力都叫出来的项目。

  Today, Chen will show you around and bring all of you experience the attractive the chime-long paradise。

  Chime-long paradise, as implied by its name, is going to bring us joy。 Here, joy is screaming, shouting, and shocking。 Next,I’ll

  introduce several exciting rides to you and let all of you experience the above-mentioned emotions。

  首先第一个尖叫就是,十环过山车,这个项目创下吉尼斯的世界纪录, 那是什么纪录呢?就是在 850 米内翻滚次数最多的过山车,它一共是花了1亿建成的。十环环环相扣,紧张刺激,环环不一样充满惊喜,如驾御 奔腾翻滚 的姣龙,心中激起 阵阵 惊涛骇浪。每一环都给我们带来 不一样的 惊喜,真的是精彩不容错过。

  First of all, ten ring roller coaster。 This ride, which is bound to make you screaming, has set the Guinness world record; it could do most times of rolling within 850 meters of the roller coaster。 The

  construction cost was 100 million in total。 Ten rings are interlocked, while each is different and full of surprises。 Enjoying this ride is just like driving an energetically rolling dragon, with blast waves。 This wonderful ride is not to be missed。

  第二个尖叫呢,是摩托过山车,它是东半球唯一的一台摩托过山车,那么它最大的亮点就是速度十分快,弹射加速从0到80公里只需要短短的2。8秒,所以就好像是跨坐在蝙蝠上,突然由地狱冲到天堂一样的感觉,让你把一切抛在身后。在 590 米的赛道上,最高时速到达了 80 公里,并且在拐弯的地方还有像赛摩托车的时候膝盖着地的真实感觉,这种刺激无可言喻,反正就三个字“倍儿爽” 。

  Secondly, motorcycle roller coaster。 Its highlight is its fast speed。 Speeding up from 0 to 80 km only takes 2。8 seconds, thus taking this ride is like sitting astride the bat, rushing from hell to heaven, leaving everything behind。 Riding in the 590-meter track with the

  top speed reaching 80 kilometers will surely give you a feeling of knees on the ground, indescribably。

  第三个尖叫是垂直过山车,它也创下了一个世界第一, 就是世界上落差最大的过山车, 有“过山车之王”的号称 ,垂直过山车带着你冲上60米、20层楼的高空,当你还在惊叹高空俯视的壮观之际,瞬间垂直跌落,钻入漆黑的隧道,再以高速冲过贴近地面的水道,经由宽阔湖面冲浪滑行,给你“上天、钻地、冲浪”的独有超凡体验,新鲜刺激,毕生难忘。

  The third is the screaming vertical roller coaster。 The maximum drop in the world wins this ride the reputation of "Roller Coaster King”。 It brings you up to 60 meters high, and when you are

  enjoying the beautiful view at high altitude, it will suddenly plummet, down to a dark tunnel。 And then it’ll break through the water

  channel, which is close to the ground, and at last slide and surf at the wide lake surface。 The whole procedure will give you a unique and extraordinary experience of "from heaven to burrow and then surfing"。 I bet this will be lifelong unforgettable。

  除此之外,长隆欢乐世界还有亚洲独一无二的U形滑板、全球最大的大摆锤、考验勇气的激流勇进,更多的尖叫等着大家,不怕你没得叫,就怕你到时叫不出来。 好, 除了尖叫、 刺激的项目之外呢, 当然少不了的还有 “看” ,看什么呢?看真人的现场表演,比方说,亚洲最大四维影院,长隆独家打造、精彩全球独享;独居特色的欢乐大巡游,欢乐四处飞扬、幸福弥漫空中。炫动奇迹的欢乐剧场,精彩不断。

  In addition,Chime-long paradise has the unique u-shaped slide in Asia and the world's largest pendulum for all of you。 Much more

  screaming and excitement are waiting for all of you。 Well, except the screaming and exciting rides, there are also many shows and performance for you to enjoy。 For example, you could visit the Asia's largest four-dimensional cinemas, chime-long exclusive building, the global exclusive; and you could also enjoy the unique joy parade, the whole crowd will be in the sea of joy, happiness and excitement。

  更值得一提的是“北美伐木竞技秀” ,来自世界各地的俊男靓女给我们现场展现一场充满粗狂刺激、滑稽逗趣的北美伐木比赛,精彩展示野性魅力的锯木、飞斧、、爬木、水上踩木、滚木等多种引爆眼球的疯狂表演,让人爆笑不止,喝彩不断!

  The North American timber athletics is also worth to be mentioned。 Men from all over the world will show us a live, provoking and funny lumbering game, showing us charm of sawing wood, flying axe, climbing timber, treading wood on water, These shows are bound to attract your eyes and win your cheers!

  最终,还有“惊爆危机岛” ,相信大家都看过好莱坞大片,在好莱坞大片中有好多十分惊爆的枪战、火战等特技场面,可是毕竟是看电影,没有现场来得那么震撼、过瘾。所以呢,长隆欢乐世界就把好莱坞电影当中震撼的特技场面搬到我们面前,让惊心动魄、叹为观止。

  Finally is the island" horrifying crisis。 I believe you’ve enjoyed Hollywood movies。 There are a lot of horrifying shooting and fire

  fighting stunt scenes within these movies。 You may say that we could not experience these in real life。 However, today, within this place, these shocking Hollywood movie stunt scenes will be played and shown in front of us, leaving us a feeling of thrilling, amazing and screaming。


  Dear friends, next, let's start today’s happy journey!